Department for International Trade selects Identitech to represent the UK in Atlanta trade mission

The Department for International Trade (DIT), and Deluxe (NYSE: DLX), a payments and technology company headquartered in Atlanta, USA last week partnered together to host 10 innovative FinTech businesses from the UK. The exercise, facilitated by the British Consulate in Atlanta, would allow UK FinTechs to showcase their products and expertise to the Deluxe leadership team.

The partnership between the DIT and Deluxe is designed to promote transatlantic collaboration and innovation in financial and business services, as well as to provide Deluxe with the opportunity to expand their global business offering with the introduction of complementary products and services.

As part of this process, 10 British FinTech companies were selected to showcase themselves, and had to undergo a rigorous and competitive recruitment process. Two of the successful companies are Welsh FinTechs; Identitech and Yoello.

As part of this opportunity, each of the companies involved were granted time to present their proposition and explore potential business opportunities with Deluxe and their leadership team.

Manoj Khetia, CEO of Identitech commented, “We are extremely grateful to the Department for International Trade and the leadership team at Deluxe for selecting us to showcase Identitech and our capabilities.  It was especially exciting for us to see the level of innovation that Deluxe recognised in us, alongside our delegation of other British FinTechs, and further validates the value our platform and the British FinTech ecosystem provides.”

“Deluxe is committed to open innovation, not just within our walls, but with new, emerging businesses no matter where they are located,” said Scott Sanchez, Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer for Deluxe. “Participating in this event allows us to shape the way we work within the broader payments and data ecosystem. The future of Fintech is all about collaboration, and this event was a way to explore exciting new companies as we continue to push forward.”

Magda Lowisz, Head of the Southeast Financial Services Sector at DIT and lead on this initiative added, “Deluxe is a payments and data powerhouse and Atlanta is one of the most competitive and rapidly developing technology markets in the financial industry. It’s no surprise that this mix attracted the most competitive cohort of trade mission applicants and resulted in top-calibre companies being selected to represent the UK FinTech sector.”

The outcomes for the companies that were part of this collaboration effort is currently unknown; however, this invaluable experience has taken great effort to further strengthen the trade relationship between the UK and US.

It’s exciting to see Welsh FinTechs being represented on this international scale, and we look forward to seeing more Welsh businesses being represented in such further opportunities.

About Identitech

Headquartered in Cardiff, Wales, Identitech provides remote identity verification software to small businesses. Helping professional and financial service firms to comply with legislation, the company is aimed at providing its customers with a ready-to-use identity platform. Identitech’s software is centred around enhancing the customer experience and helping companies to onboard more customers, quickly.

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