How it works

Your single, end-to-end identity solution.

Wave goodbye to mediocre compliance solutions. Identitech is a cloud-based and takes care of your company's risk and compliance needs – all in a single, streamlined application.

KYC & AML compliance

Know Your Customer.

We've created a smooth and intuitive way to collect basic details from your customers. We use this to automatically verify their information against our powerful data sources and provide a rich set of results to your dashboard. This data helps you to make important decisions about your company's relationship with its customers.

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Reduce identity fraud

Document Validation.

Our quick and clever document capture allows you to collect and verify your customer’s documents in seconds. With an impressive and reliable AI to confirm that a passport or driving licence is real, you can rest assured knowing that you’ve done your due diligence. Matched with our address document capture functionality, you can keep and confirm your customer’s details easily online.

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Work with legitimate customers

Biometric Verification.

Harnessing next-level biometric technology, you can have confidence that your customers are who they say they are. Our facial recognition technology matches your customer’s proof of ID against a live capture of their face. Robust liveness technology ensures they’re in the room and using their own ID when engaging with you.

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