Extensive risk management for the blockchain

KYC for Crypto Projects.

Discrete and confidential anti-money laundering for founding product teams. Harness the power of our technology and expertise to achieve verification, risk ratings and certification of your project from an industry leader in identity.

Peace of mind for project communities

Certification for Crypto Projects.

It is an unfortunate truth that a number of projects in the cryptocurrency space are developed with malicious intent. Thousands of community investors have found themselves having invested significant sums into projects with nothing to show. Using our secure and intuitive platform, along with our specialist services, we have launched our KYC Programme for Crypto Projects. Our solutions are designed to help projects give their community the peace of mind that is required.

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Our KYC programme allows developers and founders to verify their identity safely and securely with us, and maintain their anonymity with other external parties.

The programme will allow us to work with project owners in:

  • Carrying out full KYC and anti-money laundering checks, including biometric verification and other enhanced checks
  • Carrying out risk-based interviews
  • Carrying out technology interviews and testing
  • The creation and provision of an appropriate risk rating report
  • Receiving an “Identitech verified” badge and other assets (depending on risk rating)
  • Obtaining an NFT certificate
  • Providing a dedicated project page on our website

Any project teams that we work with will benefit from having direct access to a dedicated account partner.

Disclaimer: Identitech cannot provide a guarantee for safety, and any malicious actions from a project does not make us liable for any financial losses that investors may experience.  Should an unlawful act occur from a verified project team, we will commit to working with any appropriate law enforcement bodies in sharing any relevant information.

Building projects that communities can trust

NFT Certificate.

Our KYC Programme for Crypto Projects allows us to create certainty that founders of crypto projects are who they say they are. Delivering this same level of trust to your community is important, it allows them to confidently invest and engage with your project. Once you are verified and have achieved low-risk status with Identitech, we issue you with an NFT certificate to prove your authenticity and a badge that can be displayed online to offer confidence to your community.

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