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8Bit Arcade

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8Bit Arcade

The Founder of 8Bit Arcade successfully completed our KYC Essentials check. The checks consisted of: Biometric Verification, Identity Verification, Anti Money Laundering Checks.

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8Bit Arcade KYC Certificate by Identitech

What is 8Bit Arcade?

“An unparalleled gaming platform. An ecosystem by the gamers, for the gamers.”

At 8Bit Arcade, they believe that they will become the go-to destination for the world’s favourite games by fostering a collaborative ecosystem for game developers and gamers. 

Their platform will offer a diverse selection of retro, indie, and modern interactive games, catering to a wide range of gaming demographics. Together, they will create an unparalleled gaming experience.

8Bit Arcade is committed to offering a truly unique gaming experience by featuring a mix of licensed titles from well-known brands and their independent game library. In addition, their integrated mobile app will provide free-to-play versions of some of their games. By utilising blockchain technology, they aim to empower their community of users and reward their holders through various mechanisms.

Their ultimate goal is to establish 8Bit Arcade as the premier destination for a new generation of mobile, crowd-driven, social, and interconnected gaming that allows users to retain control and ownership of their intellectual property.

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