AML and Due Diligence Protection for Business

The Identitech platform

The simplest KYC tool for SMEs.

At Identitech, we believe KYC can be an engaging part of the client onboarding journey. Learn how our software can make a big difference to how you run your business day-to-day, as well as increasing your client engagement rates.

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Designed for client-focused firms, just like yours.

Identity Verification with a Great Customer Experience

Software designed to engage your clients

Our award-winning user experience means your clients will enjoy the onboarding experience with your business. This results in higher engagement rates and reduces the risk of clients dropping off through your sales and onboarding process.

KYC Software That Maximises Fee Earner Potential

Maximise billable time and fee-earner potential

Since Identitech collects everything it needs from your clients, there's less paperwork for you to worry about and more time to maximise your fee-earning potential. Reducing your KYC and AML requirements down from days or weeks, to just a matter of minutes.

The easiest way to onboard your clients, compliantly.

Customisable KYC Software with Full Branding

Fully branded to your business, end-to-end

Everything your client sees is fully branded to your business, from the text they receive to the onboarding journey itself. Heck, even your back-end dashboard! We built our software to put your business first.

Compliance Dashboard for Small Businesses

Your very own compliance dashboard

With Identitech, you get an entire onboarding tool that's dedicated to you. Create new clients, manage onboarding and make data-driven decisions about your business – all from within the Identitech platform.

Start onboarding your customers straight away.

Video Meeting Onboarding a New Customer

Up-and-running in no time, set up within one business day

It's incredibly easy to get started with Identitech, with no complex IT requirements or difficult development hoops to jump through Everything has been built for you to begin benefiting from remote identity verification and powerful KYC insights straight away.

Identitech Web App for Client Onboarding

Onboard your clients in as little as 60 seconds, all remotely

We've won awards for our end-user mobile journey, and we've worked hard to make it an industry-leading experience for your business and its clients. With no third-party apps to download or complicated login requirements, prospects can become clients in as little as 60 seconds, from anywhere in the world.

How can Identitech make a difference in your business?

Book a demo and see for yourself just how much time and money you can save with Identitech. If you're ready to onboard and engage your clients, let's show you around. Choose a date and time that works for you and we'll send you a link to join us online.

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Capture and compare

Accurate Document Comparison.

Taking our human validation to the next level, we compare high-quality selfie images of your customers with the photograph on their official ID documents. Happening in realtime, documents are compared and validated instantly, giving you confidence that the person submitting your application is the true owner of their valid identity document.

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