Identity Verification

Anytime. Anywhere.

The next generation of identity verification is here. In a world that's tied up in time-consuming processes, we are on a mission to simplify customer onboarding from taking weeks to just seconds.

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Fully compliant, easily implemented

Powerful KYC and AML onboarding.

The world has been waiting for a way to onboard new customers in a way that represents their business, that is easy to use and that doesn't take months to implement. Your customer onboarding journey, powered by Identitech, is your very own KYC and AML toolkit allowing you to verify your customers in realtime.

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Streamlined and user friendly

Zero downloads. Zero sign-ups. Zero code.

We set out to make it easier for professional service and finance companies to onboard their customers, creating software that is completely intuitive. Identitech is designed so that your customer can verify their identity without needing to download or login to anything. It also allows your company to use our technology without needing to write a single line of code.

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The benefits of Identitech

Compliance, but not as you know it.

Our technology helps companies to verify the identity and background of their customers in order to make informed decisions. Combining biometric software and aggregated datasets, we reduce your risk when you engage with your customers. Here are just some of the benefits of our technology…


Accelerate Onboarding.

Your customers are keen to work with you, yet onboarding often takes weeks at a time. Our tech is built around a user experience that's dedicated to onboarding your customers quickly.


Reduce Risk.

Industry regulations add a huge amount of risk to you and your business. We built a technology geared around reducing this risk by processing your customer's data in total privacy.


Impress Prospects.

Your brand should remain front-and-centre, no matter the stage of your onboarding journey. Say hello to an identity solution that's been designed to put your brand first.


Stay Reliable.

Most KYC solutions are feature poor or leave IT teams tied in knots. Identitech is secure, Crest certified, backed up and always online. You can focus on your customers, the tech is sorted.