Confirm your customers

Document Verification.

Our trusted technology allows you to have confidence that your customer's documents are real. Using Identitech, request a copy of your customer's documents in a way that's simple and fully secure.

Scan and certify

Proof of ID.

Our proof of ID capture allows your customer to scan their passport or driving licence from the comfort of their own home, whilst our accurate artificial intelligence confirm whether it’s real. Captured and scanned in realtime, you receive instant results to help you make logical decisions.

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Capture and comply

Proof of Address.

No more posting or scanning. Your customers can upload photograph and upload multiple proof of address documents in seconds, allowing you to check and confirm that they comply with your industry regulations.

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Impressive and reliable document validation

Document capture options.

With all the options you’ll need to confirm the identity of UK residents. You can instantly capture and verify several document types, allowing you to get on with working with your customers. All without downloading an app or asking your customers to login. Here are the documents we can remotely capture from your customers.


UK Passport

Automatically capture your customer’s passport and confirm that it’s genuine.


Driving Licence

Easily capture a UK driving licence and be confident that it’s legitimate.


Utility Bill

Allow your customer to photo and upload their utility bill to prove their address.


Bank Statement

Securely capture a customer’s bank statement to prove their address.


Council Tax Bill

Receive a copy of a council tax bill to check a customer’s address.