Making sure your customers are real people

Biometric Customer Verification.

Benefit from next-level technology that helps you to confirm the identity of your customers. Allowing you to remotely onboard new people whilst making sure they are who they say they are.

Detect and discern

Precise Human Detection.

Harnessing the power of truly next-level technology, you can onboard your customers with absolute confidence in their genuineness. Our browser based solution detects and understands human interaction with unbelievable accuracy, whilst kicking out attempts to defraud and deceive using clever artificial intelligence. This is known as biometric liveness.

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Facial Recognition Technology in the UK

Capture and compare

Accurate Document Comparison.

Taking our human validation to the next level, we compare high-quality selfie images of your customers with the photograph on their official ID documents. Happening in realtime, documents are compared and validated instantly, giving you confidence that the person submitting your application is the true owner of their valid identity document.

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Identitech Biometric Liveness on Mobile Web Browser

Reliable and scientific detection

Using our facial recognition technology.

It's time to speed up the onboarding process whilst having true confidence in your ability to detect fraud. Identitech takes the risk out of your hands, ensuring that your customers are genuine and giving you the data you need to make informed decisions about who you work with. Together we can use highly accurate technology to make things safer for your business and its customers, all with minimal time and fuss.


Highly Accurate

Our biometric technology is almost 100% accurate at distinguishing between human and non-human interactions.


Realtime Results

No need to wait. As soon as your customers have completed the process, you receive the results.


No Code Needed

Using our cutting-edge technology requires no code and can be implemented in as little as a few days.


Securely Stored

Our detection technology encrypts your customer's photographic data during the detection and validation process.