Extensive KYC and AML risk management

Know Your Customer.

Uncover powerful insights about your customers by collecting just a few simple details about them. Helping you to satisfy regulatory requirements quickly and easily.

How it works

Smooth capture. Powerful insights.

Behind the simple and smooth user experience we've created lies a powerful network of data, designed to help you make better decisions about your customers. To perform one of the most powerful and comprehensive KYC checks available in the UK you only need three basic details about your customer. From these basic details we collect the rest of the information directly from your customer and pull from global data sources in realtime. You then receive a wealth of information, all stored securely in the Identitech cloud.

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Comprehensive and global data

Our KYC & AML checks.

With a wide-reaching set of data from global sources, you can be confident in meeting Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering regulations. Here are some of the checks performed as part of our KYC and AML searches within Identitech.


UK Credit Checks.

With a soft credit check we compare the data your customers provide against known information on UK credit databases.


Electoral Roll.

Match your customer's personal profile against data on the electoral roll to help verify the information they have provided to you.


International Sanctions.

Ensure your customers aren't subject to political or economic sanctions. Check their data against this diplomatic database.


International PEP.

Check that your customer is not in a prominent public position, is politically exposed or posing a high risk to your company.


Births & Deaths.

Compare the details of your customers against official registered data about individuals who are known to be deceased.