Identitech crowned the Mobile and Emerging Technology Startup of the Year 2022

We’re absolutely delighted to be crowned as the Mobile and Emerging Technology Startup of the Year at the Startup National Series in Wales for 2022. 

For almost two years we’ve been working away to build a truly special user experience for our customers. We’ve done this by focusing on progressive mobile technology, and winning this award is fantastic recognition of our efforts to offer a flawless journey those using our platform. 

We’re on a mission to make identity verification, driven by compliance with AML and KYC requirements, the simplest and most seamless experience possible. As well as supply tools that make it achievable for SMEs to enhance their customer onboarding experience using technology. 

Users of our platform can complete their identity verification checks within two minutes, without the need to download any third party applications. This is of great value to both the businesses themselves and their customers, and something that’s unmatched by the rest of the identity verification industry. 

The Identitech team walked away from this awards event with two stunning trophies: Mobile and Emerging Technology Startup of the Year and a finalist for Digital Startup of the Year, too!

This week we’re celebrating our brilliant recognition as one of the most exciting startups in Wales, but we’re also pushing on with our fantastic schedule of new features that we’re getting ready to release within our platform in the coming weeks. 

There’s plenty of information available on our website to help you learn more about our KYC software for SMEs. And if you’d like to chat to us about using our user-focused IDV software then head straight over to our Book a Demo page.